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True Story: Stroke


This is a true story about Mr. Chen K. S., a 62 years old man who was suffered from stroke.


Luckily, we got an opportunity to meet uncle Chen and ask him about his condition. He told us his story and shared with us his picture during the treatment. Uncle Chen told us that he got acupuncture treatment from The Tole.

Uncle Chen was diagnosed with stroke on the left side of his body. His left arm was paralyzed with no feeling at all. His vision was affected as well. He had trouble focusing on objects and distances. Often he would miscalculate the location of objects around the house like tables or chairs and end up bumping into them; injuring himself.

He developed short term memory loss. It was difficult for him to recall events dates or people. His speech was slurred and he had difficulties in pronouncing words and forming sentences.

He came for intensive acupuncture treatment daily with herbal medicine. After two months, his vision improved about 70%, He can actually walk to our acupuncture clinic alone without bumping into cars parked by the roadside. His left arm which he can move but no grip yet.

His walk was steadier and stronger. After another month of acupuncture treatment, his arm was stronger and he can close and open his fingers. His grip was not strong yet but he can hold things now. He can eat himself since he can hold a spoon.

After doing continuous acupuncture treatment for another few months where he come three times a week for acupuncture treatment; he was strong enough to drive. His hand was almost back to normal.


true story about stroke

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