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The word of cancer or cancer only is scary especially if it attacks the liver. Liver cancer is among the most common cancer in the world and what a bummer is that most cases are only detected when it has reached a serious stage. The same situation happened in our country since the attacks of liver cancer do not show any signs until it enters the third or fourth stage when liver function is severely affected.

The liver is a vital organ that covers the gallbladder and bile duct. It is the  second largest organ in the body that is rich with blood, wedge-shaped, located right below the right rib cage, under the lungs. Our heart is shaped like a wedge or a pyramid and divided into two parts (left and right).

The main function of the liver is to filter and process the blood of toxic substances, produces bile (to help digest fats); helps blood protein synthesis, glucose and cholesterol; assist the process of metabolism (drugs, vitamins, alcohol, hemoglobin); as a storage (for fat-soluble vitamins, iron and glycogen); removal agent (getting rid of dead red blood cells and waste products of metabolism) and increase immunity.

How liver cancer can occur?

Liver cancer is divided into two types there are primary and secondary. Primary liver cancer means that the cancer starts in the liver. Secondary liver cancer means that the cancer cells derived from other organs and spread to the liver.

There are many factors may contribute to this disease but the main cause is a viral infection of chronic hepatitis B, causing cirrhosis (liver cell death eventually from scars) and turn into cancer if left untreated.  Hepatitis B infection is most commonly reported in Asia and it is considered as an epidemic, especially in Southeast Asian countries, Hong Kong and China. Most patients aged 30 years and above as hepatitis B virus takes longer to damage the liver and this damage usually occurs quickly. However, the effectiveness of the treatment is still low because many patients come to the hospital only when they have severe disease.

Liver Cancer Treatment

The Tole’s Herbs Herbal Medicine Remedies for liver cancer treatment. There are several alternative methods for faced with tumor in the liver without surgery or the use of chemotherapy and radiation. For more details about this medicine, please click this website here.

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