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Bean Sprouts Nutrition Information


The Content of Nutrients

The benefits of sprouts was found in nutritional content if the body is widely used. The use of bean sprouts in dishes at least contribute vitamins and minerals that are good for the body development. In the bean sprouts are content of vitamin E, vitamin C and protein that is high enough. In addition to these three substances, bean sprouts also has several other ingredients such as vitamin C, and folic acid which is certainly good for health.

1. Prevent Cancer

Ranging form the type of bean sprouts, green beans, alfalfa and other contain many phytochemicals that are nutritious elements. One of them is canavanine, a type of amino acid that can harm the cause of cancer leukemia, colon and pancreas.

2. Good for Women

Bean sprouts are also natural estrogen identical to the estrogen synthesis function. Estrogen in the bean sprouts can increase bone density and structure, as well as prevent bone loss (osteoporosis). Bean sprouts taking by women regularly can help prevent breast cancer, disruption before menstruation, pre-menopausal symptoms, and disruption caused by menopause.

3. More Fertile

Bean sprouts are also able to contribute to the fertility of men and women. Taking bean sprouts by men can make better sperm produced as well as for women that can help improve fertility.

4. Reduce fat

Those at risk of stroke and heart attack due to high blood fat levels are encouraged to take more bean sprouts in the dishes daily menu. Saponin in bean sprouts will banish ‘bad fats’ LDL without affecting the fat content of HDL as well as bean sprouts are germinated to be made public, saponin content increased up to 450%.

5. Remove Strains

Bean sprouts contain plenty of fiber and water, which serves to remove all the dirt in the colon. When the dirt is eliminated, there is no substances in the dirt that can be absorbed by the body, it prevents the accumulation of toxic substances that can stimulate cancer cells.

6. Younger

Bean sprouts are packed with powerful antioxidants that prevent the body from damaging free radicals DNA. In conclusion bean sprout is a vegetable that can make us younger.

7. Prevent Anemia

Sprouts contain folic acid which is good for producing amino acids and red blood cells. The production of red blood cells are stable so helps prevent anemia or lack of red blood cells.

8. Good for Diabetes

Bean sprouts is one of the vegetables that are beneficial for the body, especially for diabetes, these vegetables are very low calorie content. Fibers in the womb sprouts are very good for people with diabetes that you are safe to consume.

Bean sprouts nutrition

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