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Costochondritis Traditional Chinese Herbal


These problems involve inflammation and swelling in one or more cartilage that holds them to the breastbone (sternum). Among the causes are trauma, or prolonged cough. Pain caused by this issue also involves the rib  and patient will feel more pain if the area is pressed. Pain in the  chest due to the protracted problem and could reach many days. It mostly occurs in women and a man over the age of 40 years. However, costochondritis can affect anyone, including infants and children.

In addition to the rib and cartilage , pain in the chest muscles are placed under this group. Among the causes of this problem are too heavy or strenuous exercise that injured bone structure, muscle or cartilage in the chest. Most patients who are suffer from this problem, they thought had a heart attack but costochondritis can be easily distinguished with heart disease, lung disease, osteoarthritis  or acid reflux, as states would not cause pain increased if the chest is pressed.

Factors Causing Costochondritis


  • Blow in the chest can cause costochondritis

Physical strain

  • Lift heavy and extreme sports can also cause costochondritis

Joint infection

  • Rib joints infected with viruses, bacteria such as tuberculosis, syphilis and aspergillosis can cause costochondritis

Symptoms Costochondritis

  1. Pain in the left side of the chest
  2. To feel pain when breathing or coughing

Costochondritis Treatment

Costochondritis disease is a deadly disease if untreated. Therefore, you need to see a doctor or traditional for advice and treatment. Here are some traditional treatments to cure the disease of costochondritis with acupuncture and herbs. For more details, please click this website here.


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