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Cluster Headaches Herbal Treatment


Cluster Headache is a type of headache that affects 0.1% of the population (1 in 1000 people).  It can attack people at any age but usually it happened to adolescence and people in middle age. It tends to runs in families.

Cluster Headache Symptoms

In practice, patients will have to suffer at the same time attacking the disease for every day. It will drag on several weeks or even may reach several months. The main cause of this disease is likely caused by the stuffy nose and watery eyes.

This type of headache will strike only covers one side of the head only. Usually people with this disease will feel pain at the back of the eye and the patient will attack suddenly without any warning or sign of attack. The natural pain period is usually between 5 to 10 minutes and may last up to several hours depending the patient’s condition itself.

Cluster Headaches Treatment

Acupuncture is needle prick technique that is recognized can relieve headaches. Needle stabbed in a sick as part of the forehead, neck and cheek. For those who are afraid of needles, especially women, you no need to worry because the needle is too small that the possibility can not be felt. This treatment can make patients feel relaxed and calm. Typically maximum results can be felt for several months to a year.

Cluster Headache


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