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Asperger’s Syndrome


Parents should be aware if their child likes to be alone and obsessed with something. Your toddler is wise to speak, but he did not perfect his growth sociable and likes to make the same work over and over again. He also had an obsession with something outrageous. For example, he likes to collect stones. Abstinence see the stones, he must want to collect it. For you there is nothing wrong with any of that. He does not need to be treated in hospital for months or surgery. Your child healthy and all that is part of the enlargement process. Your child is healthy phisically, but in terms of interior, he is misbehaving neurobiology known as Asperger Syndrome. Asperger’s syndrome is not a disease. It is a disorder in which affected the growth of social interaction.

In a world where many residents healthy and normal, people with asperger syndrome often not understood until time sometimes makes them depressed and moody. Often children asperger syndrome detected only time in school, at the age of seven to nine years old. Teachers or friends see them as like to be alone than to admire a supercharge.

Children who have Asperger syndrome have no problem in terms of speech but problematic in terms of social interaction and behavior. For example, if staying in the nursery, he did not get along. He also ‘last talk’ because do not know about social rules. These kids are going to talk either too fast or slow, incorrect intonation , no eye contact and no other facial expressions are sometimes chaotic.

All these symptoms can occur within at least to the most serious
s. Intellectually they are normal and sometimes exceed normal children. Sometimes being too obsessed with things that they will be very great in painter.

Symptoms during Childhood

  • Only talks about their favorite subjects.
  • Do not have real eye contact. They just staring at others.
  • Will become over stimulated or being very sensitive by lights, loud noises, and textures or strong tastes.
  • They may lack in social skills because they cannot understand others’ body language and conversations.
  •  They cannot recognize the speech tone. So, this will make them not understand whether someone is angry or joking.

Symptoms during Adolescents or Teen Years

  • Being naive and too trusting will cause they look immature and will lead to bullying.
  • Feel very shy when trying to approach other teens although they really wanted friends.
  • They will continue having problem in reading others’ behavior even though they can begin to learn those social skills they lack.

Symptoms during Adulthood

Although Asperger Syndrome is a lifelong condition, they still can obtain a better understanding of their own weaknesses and strengths. Because of their attitude such as giving full attention to detail and focused interests, they are having higher chances to success in university and their career. Mostly, people with Asperger Syndrome are impressed with technology. So, no wonder if they often choose engineering as their career field.

Asperger’s Syndrome Treatment

The best treatment is neuro acupuncture and herbs medicine treatment. All Asperger’s disease can be cure if start the treatment and cure sooner. For more information, please visit this website here.


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