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Depression in Children


The most significant impact is that children are often emotionally and easily show an angry response to any situation. They also look very sad and often cry.

If you see your child sad, anxious, quick-tempered of lifeless throughout the day and showing at least five symptoms below for over  two weeks. make sure to bring your child to the examination.

  • Your child is bored and unable to focus
  • Lose interest in the activity that he or she loves
  • Irritable and often vent anger extraordinarily
  • Often complain of headache, stomachache or any other physical illness
  • Can not sleep well or sleep too much
  • Do not like socializing
  • Has tremendous charm over death

Early Awareness and Treatment

Based on studies conducted in this area and MRI finds that if this depression is not treated within a certain period of time, it will affect the shape of the brain by the occurrence of shrinkage in the hippotamus, which emotionally processes. This is one of the main causes for drug abuse problems in school or suicidal tendencies. So if you suspect your children are in trouble, take them to get treatment as soon as possible.


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