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Benefits of Collagen


Collagen is a protein found in connective tissues of the body. It is significant in making certain parts of the body such as nails and strong and its also an important factor in joint  health. Collagen supplement come in various forms. One of the most common is called Gelatin. For a long time Gelatin has been used in collagen replacement and has been thought to strengthen nails and hair. Individuals suffering from conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis often take collagen supplements to replace collagen in the joints. The collagen supplements mostly used in such a case has chicken collagen as an active ingredient. There are also collagen creams that are applied on the skin to help reduce wrinkles and lines.

Types of Collagen Fillers

1. Bovine Collagen

Bovine collagen is one of the most common types of collagen fillers, and it can effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other facial imperfections. Extracted from the skin of cows, bovine collagen is purified and sterilized, then liquefied in preparation for cosmetic treatment.

2. Autologen

This type of collagen is derived from your own skin, harvested during a previous operation. The skin is sent to a lab, where the collagen is extracted, sterilized, and liquefied for re-injection. Autologen typically requires no allergy testing because it is a natural collagen found in the human body. This makes it an excellent altenative for patients who cannot tolerate a bovine collagen treatment. Autologen is popular for lip augmentation, and lasts longer than bovine collagen.

3. Isolagen

Isolagen is another of the collagen types that are derived from your own skin. However, instead of being made skin harvested during an operation, Isolagen is made by cloning-making cells taken from behind your ear. Isolagen collagen injection are typically performed in intervals of about two weeks, and results steadily improve over time. Since Isolagen does not contain animal proteins, there is considerably less risk of an allergic reaction.

4. Dermalogen

This collagen is taken from deceased human donors and subsequently sterilized and processed. The main benefits of using donated human collagen are that it may last longer than bovine types of collagen., and the risk of allergic reactions are minimized. Human-based collagen fillers such as Dermalogen do not require extensive preparation time. Also, because Dermalogen is human-based, there is no need for an allergy test.

Benefits of Collagen Supplement

Many people take collagen supplements because of the substantial health benefits it has on the body.The substance is purported to assits individuals with arthritis and other illnesses affecting the joints or bones. Collagen helps to increase mobility and reduce pain. Collagen is also believed to improve the appearance of the skin, nails and hair. There are various topical health products that are available for enhancing the look of skin. Collagen injections are normally administered by plastic surgeons to correct skin indentations and plump up the skin.

Collagen Side Effect

The side effects of taking collagen supplements vary depending on what type of collagen supplement has been used. Collagen creams will have a substantial effect on the wallet and not on the face or skin. Oral collagen injection may produce certain side-effects on individuals with allergic reactions to injections. However, tests are normally done before the injection to determine if the person has this kind of allergy. Those with auto-immune disorders such as herpes simplex may experience a flare-up because the body is reacting to the new substance.



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