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Anaemia Herbs Treatment


Anaemia or low blood issues not foreign matter in our society. Put simply, anaemia means lack of red blood cells. Blood can be divided into three types:

1.  Red Blood Cell

  • Red blood cells also include hemoglobin (iron rich protein). The function is to carry an oxygen from the lungs to the other organs and carbon dioxide back to the lungs to be released into the air.

2.  White Blood Cell

  • White blood cells function as a defense system against the entry of foreign material into the body.

3.  Platelets and Plasm

  • Platelets are important to stop bleeding when injured.

Signs of Anaemia

When a person is experiencing problems pale skin, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, often feel dizzy, cold and numb. Try to protrude the tongue and see it grow. Is it far more red than the tongue other family members or not.  And then try to look at the bottom of the eye and the hand. Is it pale? If part or all of the above, you might have an anaemia problems.

How to Prevent Anaemia

Basically, the daily balanced diet that is fairly measure and source of vegetable protein. It is important for a balanced diet that can overcome the shortage of blood. After all, a person will be able to iron, vitamin B12 and folic sufficient. Next, the intake of iron.  Iron can be an obtained ffrom green vegetables, red meat and organs (such as liver).

Red meat and internal organs are also not taken in excess, especially for individuals who have heart problems and high cholesterol levels, because it also contains a lot of vitamin B12, which can  cause liver toxicity.

Anaemia is not a disease, but a problem that can an interfere with daily tasks. People who suffer from anaemia problems quickly feel tired and can not engage in vigorous exercise. And a balanced diet rich in iron usually can lower the risk of suffering from the lack of blood.

Anaemia Treatment

The way of anemia medications herbal medicine is The Tole Acupuncture that can regenerates the body to build more red blood cells. There are many patients that use to get blood infusion weekly and gets treatment. For more details, click these website here.



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