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Anxiety Disorder


Anxiety feeling is defined as a feeling experienced by one in which it was overshadowed by fear that caused by something items or objects. In addition, it is also feeling that encompasses elements of fear and other feeling associated with it or the consequences in the future.

The feeling of anxiety is complicated and it is likely to consist of a combination some character or behavior that can be studied scientifically to internal feeling that is impossible to achieve. The general feeling of anxiety as a natural unhappiness nature and it is quite synonymous with fear.

Symptoms of Anxiety

1. Psychological symptoms

  • Feeling of worry and fear
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Restless

2. Physical symptoms

  • Chest palpitations
  • Bad stomach (feeling like defecate or diarrhea)
  • Pain or headache and feeling faint
  • Tiredness

Types of Anxiety

1. Generalized anxiety disorder

Always feel nervous and anxious all the time. Always concerned about various issues.

2. Panic disorder

A state in which anxiety occurs suddenly, unexpectedly. Anxiety level is very high that the patient thought he would die.

3. Phobia disorder

Anxiety experienced by always associated with a specific object or situation such as the existence of snakes, spiders, high buildings, crowded places, official ceremonies and fly in airplanes.

4. Post- traumatic stress disorder

Experienced anxiety due to exposure to situation that are very scary and intimidating as earthquakes, tsunamis, war, rape incident and others. One might think of the event, a terrible dream and will refrain from similar places and situations.

5. Obsessive – compulsive disorder

A person has an irrational thoughts that constantly haunt him and come repeatedly to not be resisted and caused him to feel uncomfortable and very uneasy. For example, he felt that his hands are very dirty (mind obsessively). It will try to wash their hands many times (compulsive behavior) so that anxiety can be reduced.

Anxiety Treatment

Medicine : Used to reduce anxiety is often used for short periods to provide rapid relief before the onset of the effect with other medicine.

Psychotherapy : It involves unlimited talk sessions with your nurse to find the real reasons that led to state your concern, identify yourself and identity alternative methods that you can use to handle your problem become more effectively.

Cognitive behavioral therapy : This therapy changes the way you think and observe the situation around you. You will also learn a new ways to handle the situation that bothers you by giving exposure to the situation in an organized way and have a positive impact.

Relaxation techniques : Many of the methods that can be calming and reduce anxiety will be taught during the current session.

Anxiety also can be treated with THE TOLE’s acupuncture treatment and anxiety herbal medicine. For the recovery time, it’s all depend on how long and how severe the problem. Click here for more information about The Tole.

Anxiety Disorder

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