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Autism Behavior Problems


Autism behavior

Autism children always experience their world different from other kids. Thus, they  will behave unusual and inappropriately. They act not according to the norm of normal kid’s life. They tend to do something follow their feeling.

Frequent Behaviors that show a child may be on the autism spectrum
  1. Does not show eye contact
  2. Do not respond to smile
  3. Not showing interest in friendship and playing with other children and even comfortable playing on their own
  4. Like to hurt themselves
  5. Often speak a word repeatedly and often avoid when hugged
  6. It’s too sensitive and has a strange interest in something like light, sound or movement
  7. They also often show an obsession to something like particular game

Communication problem

  • Delayed speak or stutter
  • Difficult to understand other people’s conversations
  • Speaking in strange tone
  • Like talking alone and hard to talk to other people
  • Repeat the same words but do not understand the meaning

Emotional problem

  • Extremely difficult to predict and change (crying and laughing for no reason)
  • Attack or spoil anything close to it if their emotions are disturbed
  • Sometimes it hurts yourself
  • There is no sympathy and no understanding of others



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