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Benefits of Celery for Health and Beauty


As a woman of course, already familiar with the name of celery or usually people often called him leaf soup. This soup leaves, also has a very nice latin name is Apium graveolens.

Crowded people know that leaves of this soup is often used by women and chefs to cook soup. Did you know that celery leaves or leave soup is not only used for cooking soup, the soup turned out leaf has many benefits for the body. Because of course leaves this soup is rich in nutrients, such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C.

In all parts of the leaves of this soup can be utilized and used to prevent and treat various disease. As well as you should know also that with this soup leaves can provide the natural beauty of your face of course. Here are the benefits of celery leaves and usefulness that you must know and apply. Consider some of the following properties:

Cholesterol Reduction

The leaves can be used as a drug for lowering cholesterol. With the high vitamin A which owned it can prevent cancer, and also lower high blood pressure. Therefore, it is recommended for you have high cholesterol can be said to consume leaves of this soup.

Treat Coughs

Cough is a disease that can reduce your prestige. Well, for this cough itself can be cured with celery leaves. So, how do? Cut the leaves and boil the soup was the one with enough water to a maximum of 3 cups water to boil then strain the water. Allow to cool and then give the natural honey and drink the water at least 2 times a day.

Anemia Treatment

Benefits of celery leaves the other is to treat anemia (lack of blood). To treat this disease, actually it is not difficult to take medication was also instantly healed. However, unfortunately, the effects of the drug are not comparable with usefulness.

Side effects that caused the various drugs, namely as: diarrhea, abdominal bloating or stomach acid to rise. Well, to treat anemia is highly recommended with a natural treatment by using celery course. Treat how to do as follows:

  1. Provide materials such as honey, pineapple, celery and fresh milk.
  2. Then wash all the ingredients above
  3. Once clean, cut the pineapple into small pieces
  4. Then enter all ingredients into a blender and make juice from all of the above ingredients
  5. Then drink this juice to keep you from blood deficiency or anemia
  6. Do it regularly

Arthritis Treatment

Celery or commonly called the leaf soup can also be used to treat rheumatic disease. By way grab the celery leaves, Then wash the leaves thoroughly soup then when you eat celery used as a sideline. Do things like this as often as possible for the healing process of course.

Benefits of Celery for Beauty

Obviously the benefits of celery is not only for your health alone, but also for your beauty for women. This celery leaves, can be used as a preventive drug existing wrinkles on your face or his cool language can be interpreted as a drug to slow aging. By way of directly consuming the celery and celery are used as a natural mask for your face of course.

Celery Leaves


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