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Breast Cancer Acupuncture – Herbal Medicine


Cancer or ulcer disease is the name for a malignant tumor that is already familiar in the society especially women and it is difficult to predict. Many factors influence and there are many types. Until now the cancer is still ranked first in cases of death in the world.  One type of cancer is breast cancer. Patients with this disease continues to grow every year however, only a handful sake only know the symptoms of breast cancer.

Due to the shallow in knowledge and not concerned about the changes themselves caused this difficult disease to be prevented and treated. Its because in general the symptoms of cancer is available from a small number of cases that are often felt to be essential and are not dangerous. But in reality, the recognition of the early symptoms of breast cancer can handle this case for a maximum before the cancer spreads and becomes more serious.

There are some signs or symptoms that are sometimes common outside of our control because it usually does not interfere with the state body in conducting any activity and precisely because it is normal to experience some of the people who ignore it easily and take it as something ordinary only. But from here, vigilance and further examination should be done. Here are the early symptoms are often experienced by breast cancer patients :-

1. Bump

The bump is generally found under the skin of the breast and they are much less for peanuts. The lump is usually only found in one breast only. If the lump is pressed and can louder then beware, cancer has entered a serious stage. These lumps also be found on the surface of the armpit, although not always mean cancer but it’s good to be given further exam.

2. Changes in form nipples

Tits nipple looked flat, upside down or go inside. Or may hurt the continuity.

3. Discharge of blood or fluid

Blood fluid that comes out is generally not much, but it is quite disturbing. In addition there is also blood in the form of a white yellowish fluid such as blood or even pus. This is usually followed by pain in the breast surface and itching of the breast around the nipple area. (Sometimes this is not meaningful cancer, but should still be cautious)

4. Changes in skin color

Breast skin color changed color to red.

5. Changes in skin texture

The surface of the breast skin look scaly or twitching like a lime skin. The skin feels rough and stiff.

6. The wound that will not heal

Often also arise wound that will not heal and feel the heat next to swell.

7. Breast feels warm, redness and swelling

8. The existence of small lumps

9. Feels very itchy in the area around the nipples tits

10. The lump is hard, it is not moving (fixed)

Usually in the early stages do not ached.

Caused of Breast Cancer

Several factors contribute to breast cancer identified. Risk factors increase a person’s chances of getting the disease.

Risk Factors are Divided into Two Categories:


1. Risk factors can not be controlled

  • Age – The older the more likely will get it. Women aged 50 and over have 8 – 10 times more likely to develop cancer compared to younger age.
  • Women has 100 times the risk compared with men.
  • Family history – if people have a family history of breast cancer, they are at greater risk 4.
  • Past history of breast cancer – if people have been diagnosed with breast cancer before, they are more at risk of getting breast cancer now.
  • Menstrual period – early first menstrual period, people risk get it when they are older.
  • Heredity – 5% to 10% related to gene mutations. BRCA1 and BRCA2 are genes leading (80% of all genes)

2. Risk factors can be controlled

  • Breastfeeding – Women who are breastfeeding within 1-2 years will reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Alcohol – Women consume alcoholic beverages at risk 1.5 times higher than women who did not take alcohol 2.5 gbs.
  • Exercise – Women who are do the exercise will reduce the risk of breast cancer. Studies show exercise 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week is enough.

How is Breast Cancer Diagnosed?

  • Breast self-exam (BSE)  –  Women should perform regular breast self-exam starting at age 20. Learn from a nurse and if there are lumps detected, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Mammogram – A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast. This test is used to women who have no problem but risky. Screening for women who have or had sign of breast will also be done. During the mammogram, the breast is pressed between two piece of plate and can cause discomfort. X-ray radiation levels were low and did not increase the risk of breast cancer.
  • Biopsy – During this test, cells are taken from the suspected area and tested in the laboratory.

Breast Cancer Treatment

These conditions can be treated with The Tole’s way of medications, with neuro acupuncture and breast cancer herbal medicine treatment. These herbal medicine, acupuncture have been proven very effective and quick on the recovery. You can order for your herbs medicine through this website here.

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