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Chicken Feet Health Benefits


Chicken feet or chicken claw is a food made from chicken legs. Chicken feet is the most popular among us. Many people do not like it and many reasons were given such disgust, because it was a chicken leg used to scratch all kinds of objects, and a variety of other reasons.

But do we know unpopular despite the chicken feet that it contains nutrients that are unknown to many. So, from now do not yet disposed of chicken feet. Make it one of the food sources that contribute to good health.

To prevent osteoporosis someone usually advised to reduce risk factors and improve nutritional intake and exercise regularly. Taking drinks or foods that contain high calcium is one way to prevent osteoporosis attacks.

Did you know that the chicken feet health benefits are numerous. Here are the facts chicken feet benefits in health:

1. Chicken Feet Rich in Collagen

In a study performed in Taiwan, it was revealed that a chicken leg contains collagen which is very high. Although the rate of natural collagen in chicken legs very similar to collagen that is found in green leafy vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamin C. Collagen is one of the special materials needed skin to maintain skin elasticity.

2. Healing Injuries

The nutrients found in chicken legs are as protein and calcium. Both of these nutrients are essential to help regenerate nerves, muscles and bones of men. The study was performed by a researcher in the United States revealed that the potential of these nutrients can help heal injuries. Although the spinal injury is believed to be a speedy recovery by means food containing chicken feet.

3. Healthy Gums

Gum is a strong network that is used to support the teeth. Several types of gum disease are caused by poor dental health problems. However, this problem can also result from the body. Lack of vitamins and other nutrients will also create problems in the gums. Chicken feet are foods that contain lots of nutrients in huge quantities. There are connective tissue and cartilage, which can turn into a gel because it contains collagen, amino acids, and some gelatin agent. That’s why all of these substances would improve gum health.

4. Improve Immune System

Chicken feet is famous for all the important nutrients such as collagen or gelatin forming agent. Beside that chicken feet also contains a variety of minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. All these minerals are needed by the body to build healthy and overcome various disease. By taking away the chickens can also boost the immune system.

5. Avoid Brittle Bones

Unknowingly, chicken feet also have an important role to avoid brittle bones because it is said to be rich with many nutrients that serve to keep the bones in the human body.

Chicken Feet

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