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September 19, 2019
by admin

TheTole Online Haze Asthma Herbal Tea

Everyone have seen the worst haze video in the Kalimantan Indonesia Air Pollution Index already hit 1000. Everyone knows when haze season must be wearing a mask. Even wearing a mask is not enough because dust can still get into the nose. Some talk about wearing a full cover type and some say blue on the outside and some on the blue inside. But is it really safe?

The safest way is to sit quietly in the house. Make sure the doors and windows are closed tightly. Beneath the door with a hole make sure it is covered with a damp cloth so that the incoming breeze does not bring dust into your home.

For patients with diabetes and stroke it is not advisable to go out of the house because they are worried that it will get worse. Here I share the famous Malaysian herbal treatment for all types of diseases at The Tole Acupuncture KL Center located in the “Menara KH” building. Or you can find herbs below:


This herbal tea must be consumed   1 packet/day and suitable for 1 person dosage only.   It is recommended to take the herbal tea at least 1 week.

To make this herbal tea, you just only need to dunk the herbal sachet into hot water in a flask bottle and drink it throughout the day. So easy! You can get it from here: http://thetole.org/Shop/product/haze-asthma-tea/

If you   do not have asthma condition , please order from this link:   http://thetole.org/Shop/product/haze-tea/

If you   have Severe Asthma condition , please order form this link:   http://thetole.org/Shop/product/haze-severe-asthma-tea/

If you have any question or want to customize to your health conditions, please fell free to contact TheTole through Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.


July 13, 2018
by admin

The Story of True an Autism from Korea

8 year old children with autism from Korea. Korea has  acupuncture, there is acupuncture doctor on there but he can not help. Others can not do much for expert treatment.

There is a lot of pressure his father searches desperately for answers. There eventually came to meet our master by high recommendation from a friend. When he first came in our center at the center.

There was a shock from his “extreme hyperactive action”. Jump everywhere, cry out, zero communication and eye contact. He is extremely scared, frustrated to his own world, until he hits himself on a continuous head for about 10 to 30 mins.

Master applied Qi Qong and acupuncture procedures to calm him. It is not moving smoothly according to Master who is Qi of his brain. He got quiet after 30 minutes and had another meeting in Qi Qong and acupuncture one hour later.

Go to treatment for 3 days, the children can answer the instructions from his father and see that there is some eye contact. They returned to Korea as his father rose from work on only three days but he booked for a second visit that is after six months. He took six months of the house of herbal medicine (168 special brain powder) and the list was stolen. After 6 months

They came during the 30 day treatment. When he first visited us we saw many different with 6 months back. His father is so happy, he told us finally all his relatives in Korea said that since he took our treatment and special brain powder, he improved a lot and found the right place for his son, he said.

3rd visit, he was recovered nearly 90% !! Coming! When we meet him. We still give him the same treatment for 30 days. In the end of this trip he is convinced of the most of his activities and is normal. They were with a happy heart !! Origin! No more medicine, care, pressure, frustration, insomnia Night.

Autism kids

July 4, 2018
by admin

Cerebral Palsy Herbal Medical Treatment

Mrs J, has bring her daughter 2-years-old is having cerebral palsy syndrome. She know this from Chinese Master when she was accompanying her friend undergoes his acupuncture treatment session at Chinese Master’s treatment centre in Kuala Lumpur. She took that opportunity to ask Chinese Master about her daughter’s problems. Her daughter had stiff limbs. She could not even balance her body at all. According to Chinese master, her daughter must be given immediate treatment because if delayed treatment, she need a longer time to recover since her body muscles still tender.

And at that time, Chinese Master gave her one type of herbal medicine called ‘Brain Powder’ for her daughter taking at home before she can bring her to Chinese Master’s treatment centre for acupuncture treatment session. The ‘Brain Powder’ is specially made for cerebral palsy children.

After 2 months she sent her daughter for Cerebral Palsy neuro acupuncture treatment from Chinese Master and gave her the herbal medicine ‘Brain Powder’, she had started can balance her body. Her daughter already can stand up while holding to the chair. At Chinese master treatment centre, her daughter also been trained to walk during the acupuncture treatment session.

Up to 4 months undergoing acupuncture treatment, her daughter was able to raise up her hands for a few minutes. Her fingers can also move and holding things. She was very happy and grateful with her changes. There is no doubt that acupuncture treatment from Chinese Master is very effective. Until now, She still bring her daughter to undergo acupuncture treatment from Chinese Master for increasing her immune system. She said that she will never change to another treatment anymore!

Brain Powder