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Star fruit Nutrition Facts


Star fruit is one fruit that has a very unique among other fruit. Judging from the physical touch of star fruit is similar to a star with a yellow-green color of the fruit. Star fruit taste is able to thrill the people of the tongue, because the sweet taste when chewed and mixed acid is perceived by the tongue. Like other fruit, raspberries also have significant benefits for the health of your body.

Improve Endurance

One of the benefits of being dominated by a bright yellow color is to help maintain and increase endurance. Star fruit is rich in vitamin C, which can strength the immune system has abundant water content so as to replace lost ions after activity. That’s why after eating star fruit sweat engage in activities that could make the body refreshed and genetic.

Handle a Variety of Disease

Star fruit is rich in vitamin shown to prevent and deal with various kinds of disease, one of which is diabetes. The content of star fruit can help to control blood sugar levels so diabetics are encouraged to eat them. In addition, other benefits of star fruit is used to handle various disease such as:

  • Treating hypertension
  • Reduce fever
  • Heal canker sores
  • Overcoming cholesterol

Increase Appetite

Star fruit also contains vitamin A and retinol. Both the content that is contained in the star fruit to stimulate one’s appetite. If you begin to feel no appetite, try to eat a few slices of star fruit. Moments later, lust even make a living will reappear. Similarly, you can do when a child is experiencing decreased appetite, give a little pieces of fresh star fruit to stimulate the appetite.

Overcome Various Skin Problems

Facial beauty treatments with star fruit was the right thing because it can help address a variety of skin problems. How to use it is by rubbing the inside directly on the skin or polished beforehand in order to become a mask. Some skin problems can be overcome with star fruit, among other:

  • Reduce blackheads around the face area
  • Controlling the level of excess oil on the skin
  • Prevent and treat acne is stubborn
  • Overcoming the facial skin rough and dull

Rejuvenates Skin

Benefits of star fruit in the world of beauty, especially beauty of the skin is often as a natural mask to rejuvenate the skin to always look young. The content of vitamin A and C in it can prevent signs of premature aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, dark spots, dull face, rough and so forth. Fresh-looking skin can be obtained if the skin care with star fruit is done routinely.

Those are some benefits in terms of health and beauty contained in the star fruit. The fruit is favored not only because of the taste, shape and color are interesting, but the natural properties in it of course is no less exciting. So it would not hurt you to try from now to consume and utilize the star fruit on a regular basis so that the right amount of star fruit benefits mentioned above you can feel optimally.

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