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MH17 day of mourning: A minute’s silence observed at 10.55am


SEPANG: A minute’s silence was observed simultaneously nationwide at 10.55am as the last of the 20 caskets was lowered from the special Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight and placed in the waiting white hearses.

The special MAS plane bearing the remains of 20 Malaysians victims killed on board flight MH17 landed at the KL International Airport at 9.55am, Friday.

The caskets and urns, all draped with the Jalur Gemilang, were lowered from the aircraft by Malaysian Armed Forces personnel.

The special plane bearing flight code MH6129 departed from Amsterdam’s Schiphol international Airport at 9.40pm Malaysian time, Thursday.

The Boeing 747 aircraft was piloted by three senior MAS captains Datuk Capt Misman Leham, Capt Bakri Othman and Capt Zaim Khalid, as well as First Officer Yap Koon Kong.

News from The Star Newspaper Online.

Picture from Astro Awani

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