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Sago Nutritions


Sago is a food that is full of energy and carbohydrates. It is extracted from the pith of the sago tree trunk in the form  of starch. It is also known as pearl tapioca. Sago used in puddings, porridge or soup and so on. Porridge, it is used in a variety of carbonated drinks to provide energy without any chemical additives and artificial sweeteners. It is one of the food that have a high cooling effects in our body system and it is quite easy to digest. It is also used in making cakes and breads. It is also low in calories and as part of a selection of snacks. Here are benefits and efficacy of taking sago.

Aid in Digestion

Sago is one of the foods that are easily digested and do not irritate your stomach. It is a selection of the most suitable for getting inflammation of the stomach. In such cases, sago boiled with milk or water and then added with a sugar or spices to enhance the flavor.

Nutritional Value

Sago grains are about 2mm in diameter. They are a source of pure carbohydrates with a little protein, vitamin C, calcium and minerals. One hundred grams of dried sago produces about 355 calories, with the inclusion of 94 gms of carbohydrates, fat and protein.

Sago and the Body

The main content of sago is a carbohydrates and has an ancient history in helping to certain herbal medicines. Sago into the food used to cool the body. It helps in treating the disease as a result of too much heat, such as excessive bile production. As we know it is a famous food in many cultures of the world and is a food that has been known since time immemorial.

Sago Dishes

A variety of dishes made from sago as it is easily mixed with a variety of flavor and spices. However, sago is low in protein, vitamins and minerals, combined with other supplements can lead to nutritional and taste. Sago has high usability in baking of bread and pancakes.

A High Energy Booster

Food sago full energy, and often serves as a food supplier of energy. It has high benefits for a sick people as a supplement provide enough energy to combat weakness and disease.

Tips on Sago

Store in a dry and airtight container. It should be away from moisture for long storage. Sago pearl white to white when soaked in water and turns translucent when cooked.


Sago nutritions

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