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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Treatment


The tendency for blood clotting (thrombosis) is a big problem that can be inherited or acquired from environmental factors. It can lead to clogged veins drain problem (DVT), so the occurrence of the blockage Embolism. Individuals who are pregnant, underwent surgery, and the less essential move emphasize the possibility of suffering a blockage of blood vessels thrombosis if found to have problems, and preventive measures must be taken to avoid complications that may occur. Obese individuals, who had an accident, and whose cancer also have a higher risk for complications of thrombosis.

The lungs are vital organs of the human respiratory process. Consistently blood will be pumped from the right heart to the lungs and back to the left heart. In this process would allow the lungs the blood picks up an oxygen that will be sent back to the heart by blood vessels. Therefore, when a blood clot formed in blood vessels can lead to sanctions applicable in the lungs because blood vessels not only sent the blood is going through the lungs every time distributed.

People who are at high risk of DVT

  • Normally they are not actively susceptible to blood clots such as travel that takes and requires one to sit for along time (more than 6 hours).
  • Chronic or post-surgical patients who are lying in a long time. For example after surgery to childbirth, such as ovarian or pancreatic cancer.
  • Women menopause with a history of breast cancer.
  • Those who are overweight because the cell produce more lepton (a hormone produced by fat cells in the body).

Symptoms of DVT

  • People will find it easy tired and experiencing chest pains.
  • Pulse counting
  • Frequent coughing and sometimes coughing u p blood
  • Pain in the calf and groin
  • Being short of breath

Treatment of DVT

Acupuncture and herbal from The Tole can help and solve this problem. The Tole, the existing of the Master can help you. With acupuncture and herbs that is given, patients receiving here is usually satisfied. For more detail about The Tole, click this website here.


DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis

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