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Adrenal Adenomas Chinese Medicine


In the body there are two adrenal glands, each having a weight of approximately 4 grams. This gland is located in the superior pole of the kidney. The adrenal medulla is the adrenal glands inside which occupies 20% of the adrenal glands.

The hormones produced are:
1.Epinefrin (80%)
2.Nor-epinephrine (20%)

Effects were about the same as nor-epinephrine. A difference that can be noted is:

1. Epinefrin have metabolic effects of 5-10 times greater than nor-epinephrine. Consequently, stimulation of the heart also becomes larger.
2. Blood vessel constriction in the kidneys, decreasing or inhibiting blood flow to the nephrons.

Present in the blood circulation causes constriction of blood vessels throughout the body. This leads to increased cardiac activity, inhibition of gastrointestinal tract, and the eye pupil dilation.

Adrenal gland dysfunction classification

a. Hyperfunctioning adrenal gland

-Syndrome Cushing

  • Cushing’s syndrome is caused by excessive secretion of adrenocortical steroids, particularly cortisol. Clinical symptoms can also be found by a synthetic corticosteroid administration of pharmacological doses

-Sindrom Adrenogenital

  • Diseases caused by partial or complete failure, one or several enzymes required for the synthesis of steroids


  • Primary Hyperaldosteronism (Conn’s syndrome)
    Can be caused by either unilateral disease (i.e. hyperactivity in one adrenal gland) or bilateral disease (i.e. hyperactivity in both adrenal glands).
  • Secondary aldosteronism
    The adrenal glands are underactive because the pituitary gland is not stimulating them, not because the adrenal glands have been destroyed or have otherwise directly failed.

b. Adrenal gland hypofunction insufficiency adrenogenital:

  •  Acute adrenocortical insufficiency (adrenal crisis)
    Disorder that occurs due to absolute or relative deficiency of cortisol that occurs suddenly in connection pain / stress.
  • Chronic Primary adrenocortical insufficiency (Addison’s disease)
    Disorders caused by working kegagaln corticosteroids but relatively more important is gluko and mineralocorticoid deficiency.
  • Adreno Cortical Insufficiency Secondary
    This disorder is part of the anterior pituitary failure sinsrom response to ACTH or chronic obstructed because of the adrenal atrophy.

Cushing’s syndrome in Childhood

Dindroma Cushing in childhood and adulthood is clearly different. Adrenal carcinoma is the most common cause (51%), adrenal adenomas are as much as 14%. These tumors are more common in the age of 1 and 8 years old. Cushing’s disease is more common in dewasadan population amounted to about 35% of cases, the majority of sufferers are over 10 years old at the time the diagnosis is made, the incidence of sex are the same

You may need to make acupuncture treatment to remove the adrenal adenomas. Herbal treatments can use one of several techniques to recover from adrenal adenomas. Please feel free to contact or email  for further details on Adrenal Adenomas Treatment through this website here.

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