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Sesame Oil Nutritions


Sesame seeds better suited to grow tropical country. It is resistant to drought. Being able to live while the other plants fail. This tree is cultivated for its grain. Sesame seed oil contains high. Look like sesame seeds watermelon seed, but its small fine.

Sesame consisting of many species, including the hybrid. Commercially valuable species; such as white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, sesame gold, each a different color of skin / membranes seeds.

White sesame liked to mix a variety of cookies and cake recipes, because it feels soft, juicy, crunchy chewed. Gold sesame flavored fresh and delicious. It is also popular choice in many cooking and cake making in a variety of recipes and cake batter. Black sesame seeds are more aromatic herbs, rancid smell is quite strong and it was difficult to eat raw.

There are also community use sesame seeds as an ingredients in traditional medicine, because the values of the nutrients included in it is believed to give the prevention of disease and healing in health problems.

As beans and other foodstuffs, grain sesame allergy can also cause allergies in some individuals.

Sesame Oil Benefits for Health

1. Treat Hemorrhoids

  • Crushed sesame seeds, mix the butter with water and then drink. It is ideal for those who are suffer from  bleeding hemorrhoids.

2. Treat Anemia

  • Soak black sesame seeds in warm water for a few hours. Then dry and grind until smooth. Finally, mix 1 tsp ground black sesame seeds with a glass of milk and drink.

3. Treat Diarrhea

  • For those of who are struggle with chronic diarrhea, you may try these tips. Take 2 tablespoons sesame seeds and fried without oil. Later, finely ground up into a powder and mix 1 tablespoon of ghee. Divide into 3 parts. Mix 1 part with hot goat’s milk and drink 3 times a day for 6 days.

4. Enlarge Breasts

  • Sesame seed oil is also effective in women with breast enlargement and firming. The sesame seeds can be eaten when mixed food or oil can be rubbed on the breast.

5. Treating Gum Disease

  • When sesame seeds oil has been extracted, it can be used to treat gum disease. The trick is to apply two to three drops of this oil om the gums at night, especially after brushing your teeth. The gums should be rubbed gently and treatment has to be repeated every night over a period of a minimum of three months.

6. Adding amounts of iron and zinc

  • For those who practice a vegetarian diet, sesame seeds are rich a source of iron and zinc is suitable to be taken as it could increase the amount of iron and zinc in the body due to lack of protein intake from meat.

7. Treat Chapped Heels

  • Apply sesame oil on chapped heels after cleaning it every night before bed.

8. Restores Skin Elasticity

  • Zinc contained in sesame seeds that can increase collagen production, thus causing the skin becomes more elastic and smooth. The study also found that zinc in sesame oil is useful in skin repair process of the body and also can relieve burns and other skin conditions.

9. Reduce Plaque Formation

  • Sesame oil is proven to reduce the buildup of plaque in the mouth and whiten teeth while reducing harmful bacteria such as ‘streptococcus mutans’ in the mouth. Do this by rinsing with sesame oil.

Sesame Oil Benefits for Hair

Sesame oil is rubbed into the scalp to help cool head while maintaining black hair. In fact, it can help to reduce the problem of hair growing less, broken, dandruff and dry. In addition, regular consumption of sesame oil can also add more sparkle hair.

Sesame Oil Nutritions

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