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Honey Benefits for Healthy Skin and Acne


Honey is produced by bees to have many benefits to a wide variety of health problems. Honey has been believed since hundreds of years ago for use in health and traditional medicine and natural. In addition, health of honey is also beneficial for beauty and also many others benefits generated by this honey.

There are 5 benefits obtained if consumed warm water mixed with honey is including the following :

Honey Benefits for Health

1) Keep the digestive system

Honey is one of which has properties keep the digestive system because it contains antiseptic in it so that it can assist in reducing the acidity in the stomach. In addition, honey also can increase the production of mucus by intestinal. If people have problems with bowel movements, they can use a mixture of warm water with honey as a solution to keep the digestion.

2) Increase the body’s immune system

Honey is also believed to kill bacteria. Besides honey has benefits as an antioxidant that can overcome the harmful free radicals that may damage the body and skin. There are natural sugars in honey to nourish the body and is also a good source of calories for the body.

3) Increase energy in the morning

Because honey has various properties that are very good for the body, they can replace the coffee with a glass of warm water mixed with honey to start their activity in the morning.

4) Helps detoxification process

The content of many substances that are beneficial in a glass of warm water and honey can help your body to get rid of toxins in the body. When your body is able to defecate regularly then poisons in the body can be removed. A mixture of warm water with honey and lemon juice can also be added to make the removal of toxins more effectively, as in the lemon contains critic acid that can help improve the function of the enzyme so that it can assist in the detoxification process in the body.

5) Reduce irritation to the throat

Besides the benefits of honey mixed with warm water can reduce pain and irritation in the throat. Honey can relieve pain in the throat and warm water can relieve pain. When you feel pain cough can also take advantage of this honey.

Homey Benefits for Beauty Skin and Acne

1) Protect skin

Efficacy of honey is very well known that it can protect the skin. Honey contains antioxidants, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that can cure the rash, skin infextions and heal wounds.

2) Moisturize skin

To make the skin become softer you can use honey regularly to soften the skin or hair in very dry conditions. You can apply honey on the neck and face to soften your skin can even use other natural materials as a mixture.

3) Preventing aging skin

Signs of aging can be reduced by the use of honey, so that you will be seen to be younger because honey has benefits as free-radical scavengers. Even honey can be made into a toner by mixing it with some other natural materials. You do this by mixing two teaspoons of lemon, two teaspoons of honey and mix in enough water then enter the mixture into a clean bottle further shake until evenly and you can use this toner in general. You can use a few drops of toner on a cotton swab and rubbed on the face that has been cleaned.

4) Maintain skin beauty

People also can drink honey regularly as well. Honey contains magnesium, potassium and calcium can also help in the regeneration of skin cells so that the biscuits will look healthy and beautiful.

5) Wound healing skin

With honey people can minimize the occurrence of infections and wounds. The essence of the sugar in honey can help speed up the healing of wounds in addition, honey also contains anti-microbial.

Honey Benefits for Acne

1) People can use a bit of honey and then applied to the skin of their face with acne and let stand for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Efficacy of honey can kill acne because they contain honey that has anti-bacterial and stain so that acne can be lifted.

2) Using honey as a natural mask, other than directly applied on acne, you can also make honey as a mask which is very easy to smear honey on the entire surface of the face evenly and leave for 15-20 minutes so that the honey can seep honey into the skin and can cure acne but it can moisten the back face. After allowed to stand and then wash with warm water.

Benefits of Honey

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