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Nasopharynx Herbal Treatment


The nasopharynx connects the back of the nose to back of the mouth. Cancer that develops in the nasopharynx is called nasopharyngeal cancer. Nasopharynx can not see directly, it lies above the soft palate (the soft area at the back of the roof of the mouth) and uvula (the dangly bit) at the back of the mouth.

Typically, the patient only in the impression of suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma when getting treatment as a result of another health problem such as nose bleeding or swollen glands in the neck. However, it’s unfortunate when they passed the disease gets nasopharyngeal carcinoma in the third stage. Nasal ulcer disease is most prevalent impression among citizens find in Malaysia. In fact, in the global rankings, the Bidayuh which became the main ethnic Sarawak, proved to the highest in the nation gets the impression boils nose. In peninsular Malaysia, they are Chinese and Malay descent more often in diagnose wit boils nose. Indian society, however, is very rare in the impression of experiencing this problem.

Nasal ulcer is smallpox that form in the nasopharynx that is, a portion which is located behind the nose and above the rear portion of the pharynx. In the early rankings, boils nose impression because it is difficult in nasopharynx portion difficult to be checked. More difficult again, the disease symptoms also resemble symptom of other health problem.

Sometimes, the patient believes that a bloody nose caused by the body temperature is too hot. This led to meet doctors because they do not consider the problem of small and should heal by itself. However, only a bloody nose than the symptoms of boils nose. More sweat, it sometimes shows symptoms of boils regard already was at the final stage.

The common tumor symptoms are :

  1. Nose bleed, not excessive bleeding, but the impression of blood.
  2. One ear buzzing
  3. One of the congestion and should not breathe properly.

Other less common tumor symptoms are :

  1. Swelling on the neck
  2. Eyes squint – boils down already entered the brain and attacks the brain’s nerve escorting eye movements.
  3. Chronic headaches
  4. Pain in the bones of the foot or the back (stage four).

Nasopharynx Treatment

 Nasopharynx cancer disease is a deadly disease if untreated. Therefore, you need to see a doctor or traditional for advice and treatment. Here are some traditional treatments to cure the disease of nasopharynx cancer with acupuncture and herbs. For more details, please click this website here.

Nasopharynx Cancer

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