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Effects of Ice Abuse


The drug problem in Malaysia and Thailand is worrying. Adolescent males and females alike. In fact they are very proud to be able to share the experience of using drugs. Cocaine is a very popular drug among young people, because it’s cheap. Or era in 2000, the ice became the most popular drugs.

Ice or Cocaine

Ice or cocaine also known as methamphetamine. It also named Glass, Crystal, Quartz, Ice Cream, Hirropon and Ice Baby. It can result in sudden weight loss and more dangerous as a stimulant to the nervous system and is a drug that has the potential to be misused and can also lead to addiction issues.

Ice Effect:

— Extreme weight loss due to reduced appetite

— Restless sleep

— Dry mouth and dental problems

— Regular colds or flu

— Trouble concentrating

— Breathlessness

— Muscle stiffness

Anxiety, paranoia and violence

— Depression

— Heart and kidney problems

— Higher risk of stroke

— Needing to use more to get the same effect

— Financial, work or social problems

— Feelings of pleasure and confidence

— Increased alertness and energy

— Repeating simple actions like itching and scratching

— Enlarge pupils and dry mouth

— Teeth grinding and excessive sweating

— Fast heart rate and breathing

— Reduced appetite

— Increased sex drive

Fact: The Effects of Cocaine on Health

Mental and emotional: Crazy caused hallucinations and delusions in order to commit suicide, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, confusion, agitation and violent. At high doses increase the body temperature to dangerous levels, causing convulsions and ultimately death.

Head: Dry mouth, sweating, enlarge pupils, tremor and headache, dopamine in the brain is less active, the nerves in the brain to cause a stroke or break paralysis.

Physical: User does not slept for three to 15 days, loss of appetite and weight loss, sweating, pale, neglect their health, body odor, yellowish teeth, scars and wounds on the body. Clearly visible sores caused by scratching the skin methamphetamine users to remove the shadow of an insect that seems to be on the skin. Low resistance to diseases caused by
neglect of health.

Nerves: Damage to the nervous system and the brain can cause symptoms such as Parkinson’s disease (with limb movement disorder) and Alzheimer disease (with the function of the brain become weak and dementia).

Heart and blood vessels: Damage to the heart beats faster as a result, uncertainty and increase in blood pressure causing heart disease and death. The blood vessels rupture due to corrosive chemicals methamphetamine blood vessel walls.

Stomach and digestive system: Having food channel interference and starvation lasted reason not to eat when taking cocaine; toxic substances in the drug is mixed with other materials to cause disruption to the stomach and digestive system.

Reproductive system (women): Taking cocaine during pregnancy will affect the formation of the baby, born before maturity or miscarriage; the baby is born is a small, very active, easily agitated and is feared to have mental problems and growth.

Recovering from Ice Addiction

The Tole Acupuncture can help someone you know who has been addicted to ice recover a sober, enjoyable life once again. Find out how it can help someone you care about. Click here for more information Herbal Medical Centre

Ice Abuse

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