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Cerebral Palsy Herbal Medical Treatment


Mrs J, has bring her daughter 2-years-old is having cerebral palsy syndrome. She know this from Chinese Master when she was accompanying her friend undergoes his acupuncture treatment session at Chinese Master’s treatment centre in Kuala Lumpur. She took that opportunity to ask Chinese Master about her daughter’s problems. Her daughter had stiff limbs. She could not even balance her body at all. According to Chinese master, her daughter must be given immediate treatment because if delayed treatment, she need a longer time to recover since her body muscles still tender.

And at that time, Chinese Master gave her one type of herbal medicine called ‘Brain Powder’ for her daughter taking at home before she can bring her to Chinese Master’s treatment centre for acupuncture treatment session. The ‘Brain Powder’ is specially made for cerebral palsy children.

After 2 months she sent her daughter for Cerebral Palsy neuro acupuncture treatment from Chinese Master and gave her the herbal medicine ‘Brain Powder’, she had started can balance her body. Her daughter already can stand up while holding to the chair. At Chinese master treatment centre, her daughter also been trained to walk during the acupuncture treatment session.

Up to 4 months undergoing acupuncture treatment, her daughter was able to raise up her hands for a few minutes. Her fingers can also move and holding things. She was very happy and grateful with her changes. There is no doubt that acupuncture treatment from Chinese Master is very effective. Until now, She still bring her daughter to undergo acupuncture treatment from Chinese Master for increasing her immune system. She said that she will never change to another treatment anymore!

Brain Powder

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