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Nomophobia is referred to a psychological syndrome in which  a person is afraid of being out of mobile or cell phone contact. Nomophobia patient will feel anxious when the phone battery will soon run out. That’s why people with nomophobia often feel the need to carry a charger although they only came out in the near distance.

Feeling restless and anxious hit. Now, many people can not live without cell phones. No wonder if the feeling seems to be characterized as a new form of addiction that hit globally. In addition, there are other symptoms that the patient is shown as alternating nomophobia check messages on the phone, unable to turn off the phone for 24 hours to sleep with the position of the phone is in range of the hand.

Nomophobia namely a fear to live without phones or other gadgets can turn into serious health problem if not treated immediately. It is no exaggeration to say that this has made a ‘slave’ to the contents of which can be enjoyed from the existence of this stuff in our houses. Although the use of various types of these gadgets facilitate life in the area of advanced technology today, it could actually make human life a mess.

For children and adolescents, the role of parents and the environment also play an important role. This is because when people around using gadgets, it will automatically trigger the interest of small children to use or have gadgets.

The Characteristics of People Experiencing Nomophobia :

  • Badmood when no signal or internet near them
  • Panic if the gadget does not exist in the hand
  • Likes selfie, update their status, change a display picture every hour/minute
  • Bring gadget to the bathroom
  • Sleeping with the phone next to you
  • Stand by backup power bank for a battery that should not be thinned
  • The places that have an available WiFi logo into their favorite places


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