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Acoustic Neuroma

More than 90% suffer from hearing loss. Generally these symptoms occur gradually, although in some cases the acoustic neuroma, hearing loss can occur suddenly and can occur on one side of the ear.
Acoustic neuroma (acoustic neuroma) is a non-cancerous tumor (benign) that develop on the main nerve that connects the brain to the inner ear. The nerve directly affects balance and hearing, due to pressure acoustic neuroma causes hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and impaired balance.
Some symptoms of an acoustic neuroma include:

  1. Ringing (tinnitus) in the affected ear.
  2. Loss of balance.
  3. Dizziness (vertigo).
  4. Facial numbness and weakness.
  5. In rare cases, acoustic neuroma can grow large enough to suppress the brain stem and

You may need to make acupuncture treatment to remove the acoustic neuroma. Herbal treatments can use one of several techniques to recover from acoustic neuroma, depending on the size of your tumor, preoperative hearing status and other factors. Please feel free to contact or email for further details on Acoustic Neuroma Treatment through this website here.

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